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2015 official guide

Interview of Boris G.Belotserkovsky

Meet Boris G.Belotserkovsky, President of the Russian Vending Association (RNVA)

Interview of Corinne Menegaux

Read here the interview of Corinne Menegaux, Director of Vending Paris

International Business Day

The Sandwich and Snack Show, Parizza and Vending Paris will be held at the same time in march 2015 in order to create a unique meeting for the ou-of home food industry. A unique conference meeting for the international visitors of the three shows is a great opportunity to discover all the links that exist between these three markets on Wednesday, March 18th.
10413 visitors (24% international)

134 exhibitors (31% international)

Top 6 regions present :

Italy, Belgium, UK, Spain, Germany, Eastern Europe

NAVSA official partner of Vending Paris 2015

NAVSA is delighted to sponsor the 13th session of the international Vending Paris show, the must-attend event for all professionals in our industry and a great hub for meeting with our international counterparts.

The largest gathering in Europe of fast food and take-away suppliers

The meeting for pizza, pasta, and Italian food industry professionals

Meet …

  • Hervé Donneaud
    N&W Global Vending France


It is now done: the nutritional label « feelGood. De la variété dans votre distributeur® » has been affixed to the first Vending Machines!

Launched during the Days of Vending Distribution in Marseille by Etienne Patouillet, the President of the Food Commission of the NAVSA, this programme fulfils a double aim.
It brings diversity to the Vending machine and it responds to the changing concerns of consumers, contractors and public authorities.

This is an official label, created in close cooperation with nutritionists and controlled by an independent organism. Join us to be part of this promising programme!

Jean-Marc NIGOND, President of Navsa