Vending & You, your customer service

Simply expose on Vending & You, the exhibitor service

Are you exhibiting on Vending Paris show?

Our teams facilitate your participation by creating the Vending Paris & You customer service.

A multitude of benefits that simplify life.

The benefits

More quickly

  • Hotline + e-mail:
  • Answer your questions within 48 hours
  • Processing requests within 2 hours on site

More informations

  • Passport Exhibitor: Practical information, useful addresses
  • Catalog made available at the reception of the show
  • Schedule of actions to be taken to the salon

More secure

  • Traceability of incidents to the Office of the Commissioner
  • Provide a construction guide taking up all the standards to be met
  • Direct contact with the trade service of trade shows

Special services

Special service Foreign exhibitors: dedicated desk, bilingual staff
Special Premium service: cut-off access, stand-by tracking.

Do not hesitate and book your booth at Vending Paris!