The show

Welcome on Vending Paris

Vending Paris is the international exhibition of automatic distribution in Paris.

All the actors of the automatic distribution meet for this unmissable event of the profession!

In search of innovations, market information, meetings or new suppliers and prospects, Vending Paris allows you to achieve your goals.

In 2019, technology and digital space at the show. New payment systems, consumer interactions, all the latest trends in the DA will be represented at the show.

Come exchange, inform you, anticipate the future and full ideas!

The key figures of the 2019 edition

100 Brands
4200 Professional visitors
6 Activity sectors
3 Days

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Come walk the aisles and rediscover the stands of exhibitors and their products.

Go back to the competitions that raged on the show.

In short, relive 2017 in pictures, as if you were there!

What to remember...

Visitors are satisfied with their visit to Vending Paris 2017


Wish to visit the 2019 edition of the show


Visitors are decision-makers in the act of purchase

What to remember...

Latest market trends

The explosion of the digital, the new payment systems, the intensification of the interaction with the consumer (tactile technologies, ...), or the rise in range of the coffee and the multiplication of the offer.

All the latest trends in the sector are to be discovered on the show!

Many animations

Nos animations et nos exposants vous aident à comprendre le marché de la distribution automatique aujourd’hui et vous donne des idées pour votre activité.

Découvrez des animations dynamiques et interactives pour tester, appréhender, découvrir la distribution automatique d’aujourd’hui et de demain !

A complete offer

According to visitors, the main strengths of Vending Paris are:
1.The highlighting of market trends
2.The meeting with the exhibitors
3.The quality of the exhibitors



New exhibitors, market trends, innovations, etc.

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