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  • FAQ

    Who can visit Vending Paris?

    Vending Paris is a strictly trade-only show.
    Visitors may be asked to provide a means of identity and proof of professional status at the show entrance.

    I am a trade professional and I would like to visit the show. How can I order my badge?

    Badge orders must be made exclusively on this web site, www.vendingparis.com by clicking on the button “Order your badge”.

    Follow this quick and easy procedure. There are two possible scenarios:

    1/I have an invitation. How do I order my e-badge on line ?
    Go to www.vendingparis.com, and click on “Order your badge” in the page header.
    Enter your invitation code in the box, fill in the online form and confirm. A few moments later you will receive an email confirming your registration together with your e-badge.

    Where can I find my invitation code ?
    You will find your invitation code on all pre-registration documents that we send you, in certain press adverts or on invitations that you may receive from exhibitors.

    2/ I don’t have an invitation. How do I order my e-badge on line ?
    If you do not have an invitation, click on “I do not have an invitation code”
    What is the status of my badge order: am I registered?
    When you ordered your badge you should have received a confirmation e-mail. This e-mail may take up to 30 minutes to arrive.

    If you do not receive a confirmation e-mail, try checking your undesirable message (spam) folder.
    If you want to check whether you are registered, simply start the registration process again from step 1.
    You will need to enter exactly the same last name, first name, company and e-mail address as your first application. In addition, each visitor must enter an individual e-mail address. If you want to register colleagues, please enter different e-mail addresses to your own.
    If they match with our records and you are indeed registered, your e-badge will appear on screen. Please note: only one permanent badge can be printed per e-badge.

    How does an e-badge work?

    You receive your e-badge by e-mail.
    Simply print it out and produce it at show reception.

    Will I be receiving a permanent badge by post?

    No, you will not be receiving a printed badge. We only send out e-badges for access to the show, and you will need to print it out before you come to the show.

    I would like an order receipt.

    When you order your badge, you receive a confirmation e-mail containing a link to your order summary, which is valid as a receipt (for example for expenses purposes).No other form of receipt can be issued.

    I will be visiting the show over more than one day. Do I need to apply for a badge for each day?

    No, your entry badge is valid for all three days of the show.

    When do badge orders open?

    Registration opens in December 2018

    I am having problems registering. Who can I contact?

    If you are experiencing problems in your application procedure, please e-mail our hotline at: visiteurs.vendingparis@reedexpo.fr

    I would like to contact some exhibitors. How can I do this?

    The exhibitor list comes online a short time before the show and is automatically updated.
    You can also find exhibitors’ details in the official show catalogue on sale at the exhibition.

    How can I obtain a copy of the show catalogue?
    What information does it hold?

    The official catalogue lists all of exhibitors at the show with their details.
    The 2019 catalogue will be on sale at the show for its entire duration.

    How can I notify a change of address?

    You can send us your change of address by email at visiteurs.vendingparis@reedexpo.fr . Please provide your old address and your full details (company name, your first and last names, full address, phone, fax, e-mail).

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