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Selection of best Christmas vending machines

  • Selection of best Christmas vending machines

    Santa Claus just loves vending machines. Here’s the proof, with this selection of the best vending machines installed for the festive season.

    Quite a few ideas to chew on!


    1. The Gift-O-Matic machine

    vending machine noel gift
    Source : http://www.eventmagazine.co.uk/pictures-not-high-streets-gift-o-matic-machines-london/brands/article/1377826


    2. MUJI Christmas Vending machine

    Vending Machine Noel Muji
    Source : https://blog.kidrobot.com/vending-machine-santa-clause/



    3. "Pedaléate el turro": the vending machine where you have to pedal to deserve your Christmas fudge

    Vending Machine turron noel
    Source : http://www.treehugger.com/green-food/burn-calories-and-get-your-christmas-nougat-candy-from-the-vending-machine.html



    4. The Christmas tree vending machine

    Vending machine sapin noel bd
    Source : https://www.cartoonstock.com/directory/v/vending_machines.asp



    5. The Moët champagne vending machine

    Vending Machine champagne Moët noel
    Source : http://www.laposte.fr/lehub/-Les-nouveaux-visages-de-Noel-


    6. The legendary Coca Cola vending machine

    Vending Machine coca noel

    Source : http://www.vintagevending.com/vendo-v-83-soda-vending-machine


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